Myofascial Release


Craniosacral Therapy

on Cape Cod

Jennifer Dussault 

Licensed Massage Therapist

244 Willow Street

Yarmouth Port, MA


Infuse your life with flexibility, fluidity and mobility!

Sacred Waves Myofascial Release

Welcome to Sacred Waves Myofascial Release! 

I am a licensed massage therapist specializing in the John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release.  I also practice massage cupping, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and vibroacoustic sound therapy.  My practice is conveniently located in the Mid Cape area, just off of exit 7 in Yarmouth Port.  Myofascial release uses a gentle approach with a firm but sustained pressure into specific areas of the body to create longer lasting results by accessing the 3-dimensional web of connective tissue (fascia) without forcing the system.  When the body comes into its natural alignment, pain levels can subside, emotional stress and tension can be reduced, tightness can be alleviated, and your range of motion can improve.  Myofascial Release works by addressing underlying causes of these restrictions.